Suits You, Sir – Looking Smart Whilst Still Looking The Part In A Fashion-Conscious Society

By its very definition, fashion is something that is constantly changing. From the drape jacket and skinny, drainpipe trousers of 1950’s teddy boys, through the disco-influenced three-piece flared suits of the 1970s and on to the urban ‘trainers and loose-fit jeans’ look of the 1990s. Fashion has always been influenced by culture and it reflects how ‘in’ someone is with the current popular mode of expression.Whilst the 1990s saw ‘casual’ become more popular than ever, such fashion understatements could only ever have so much shelf-life before the next generation of trend-setting trailblazers came along and created their own identity.Indeed, the hottest look this season, whilst borrowing a little from previous fashion styles, is very different to the fashion of only ten years ago. The dressing-down, anti-fashion statements of the 90s has been replaced with much smarter attire, combining the slender cut of 1950s and 1960s style, with a more modern look. Without doubt, suits are back in a big way.As with most new trends, it only takes a browse through the latest music magazines to see what the latest fashions are. The tracksuit top and baggy jeans of the 1990s rock and pop star has now been replaced with a skinny black suit and slim tie. Indeed, it is now fashionable again to wear a suit informally as well as formally. That is to say, they are no longer reserved for special occasions such as job interviews or weddings.Of course, most men have at least one suit in their closet that they dust down for job interviews, weddings and any other occasion that is deemed special enough to merit smart attire. And some men maybe even have a few suits if they are in a job that has a strict dress code.But a generic, bland suit still won’t convey the right image in the workplace. If the suit is more than a few years old it may look dated and it may not even fit as well as it once did.Also, it’s important to look smart whilst not looking too stuffy. Investing in this new trend is sure to create a better impression at work, as it’s well known that the way we dress not only affects the way we are perceived by other people, but also the way we feel about ourselves; if we dress sharp, we’ll act sharp.