Shape, Texture and Pattern Fashions With Bratz

If you are a fashion savvy person, it is not surprising that you indulge yourself into a collection of fashion wardrobe and accessories. Figure-flattering gowns and skirts become your ultimate must-haves to project your sexy curves while denim jeans are part of your high street fashion. While you crave to know the hottest fashion news and advice, wanting to follow the latest fashion trends, you can appreciate the art of fashion more by learning shape, texture and patterns. Who do you think can best teach you these basics? The most fashionable and fabulous Bratz at the dressing up games. Love fashion not only by following it but by being a trendsetter!Most often, you will not get lost with fashion styles and cuts when you know the names of the styles. This is for the reason that certain fashion clothes are named based on the shape, texture or the pattern of the fashion clothing. Here are some of the few which you could find in the dressing up games wardrobe.The A-line. As the name suggest, the A-line is a set of fashion clothing that adopts the shape of the letter A. this was first introduced by Christian Dior, one of the infamous French couture designers. The silhouette if the A-line is imitated by having a funnel like shape where the fabric flares out from the top and goes fitted at the neck and shoulders. There is no shaping or seaming at the waist and the fabric goes wide to the bottom. A good example of an A-line dress is the satin sleeveless dress in purple at the dressing up games.The fabulous ball gown. The ball gown is one of the most prominent styles of gowns that you could find at the dressing up games. This is for the reason that this cut is the most recognized formal style for special events and occasion. Most often the ball gown is made of luxurious and soft fabrics that has been trimmed delicately and worn with a shawl. While the early centuries have been noted with wrist length sleeves, the present trend goes with the gown cut off the shoulder. This is then designed and made further elegant with beads, sequins, appliqu├ęs and ruffles.The cigarette pipe trousers. These trousers do not mean that the pants were made out of cigarette material. Since we are talking about shapes and styles, this means that it is likely compared to a cigarette in these terms. Also known as the slim fit pants or the skinny jeans thus started from 1950s and now back into fashion in the recent years. The pants have snug fit on the legs and ends with a small hole or opening. Spandex is sometimes using to make the jeans stretchable and allow super slim fit.There is still other fashion clothing that you could find with dressing up games. Play with texture, style and shapes and see the arts in fashion.